Comic Sans

2014 09 08
Marie Schulz

Sorry for the lack of updates at this moment, I'm super buzy producing this fantastic dance performance with Fors Works!

Join us for a crazy night in Dansehallerne, Copenhagen. Tickets here!


Fors Works – along with an impressive Nordic power cast – call for a final showdown of the good, the bad and the ugly in dance.

Everyone’s a public arbiter of taste, reviewing food, film, and music. Yet when it comes to the “finer” art forms – like dance – we still leave it to the elite, to define what good taste is. And rarely is there a match between youtube hits and the art that finds its way to the most prominent dance stages. Why?

Comic Sans is a mission: To challenge the traditional ideals in contemporary dance.

Debating on dance – the audience holds the answers.

Concept & Choreography/ Martin Forsberg (S)

On stage / Ingrid Rosborg (S), Anni Kaila (FIN), Hilde Sandevold (N), Qarin Wikström (S),

Set & Costume design / Jenny Nordberg (S)

Dramaturgy / Elin Amundsen Grinaker (N)

Music /Qarin Wikström (S) 

Producer / Marie Schulz (S/DK)