October 2011

Tranny Halloween!

The shocking ending

Hightlights from a wonderful film

Hi everybody.
I'm really excited about this guest blogging deal, omg, it's gonna be endless amounts of fun. 

Okay, so clearly I'm not allowed to post until November hits us (since I'm the November issue), but today's Halloween, and I don't care, so.. 

Mix Copenhagen just ended with the movie Weekend being one of the best ones there. Really fantastic movie about hot guys falling in love, yada yada. Check it out.
However, the important part of the festival is the nice selection of campy movies. True to form, Mix had a bunch of BAD movies, one of the most amazing ones being Sleepaway Camp. Here be spoilers!

This is a movie set within the 80s slasher camp death genre, with a plot so thin it kind of makes the Jason Voorhees movies seem coherent.
Cousins Angela and Ricky are sent away to Camp Arawak for the summer only to find themselves in the midst of a serial killer spree.. As these things always go, we gradually learn that Angela is a transgendered serial killer with a tiny penis.. Classic storytelling.

What really makes this movie though is the gentlemen's outfits. Nothing is more suitable for a camp counselor 15 years the kid's senior, than a pair of flash red skintight lycra hotpants, right? And the tops. Oh man. If only I had a wardrobe like that. These things are so short, you can see nips when the guys are standing still. Fantastic!

Auntie Martha is fantastic as well – she really carries the gist of the storytelling well in her two scenes (including a nice flashback in which we learn she cannot age)..
The best death scene is that of the main slut and antagonist no. 1 Judy. We get the suggestive feel of her suffering as we see the shadows of her hands as she is penetrated by a curling iron. YES!

I'm not kidding, this movie is an absolute must-see. 

See the shocking ending of Sleepaway Camp above.. 

Tranny Halloween!

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Guest Blogger No.1


Jacob Lindblad is a 26-year old graphic designer from Copenhagen, who is going to be on Our Menu during November.
He works at the lovely design agency b14, as well as doing freelance gigs under his own name.
From time to time he dj's as part of the duo OMG, playing hard, german techno.
Living with his boyfriend in Nørrebro in an apartment on the 5th floor, he regrets not having worked out more, so he can carry his future great dane up a flight of stairs (they don't do stairs, apparently).
Jacob's musings are mostly founded in observations of graphic design and fashion. And dogs. And movies. And some gay culture.
Welcome Jacob!
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Bill Cunningham New York

Wonderful film to see on a sunday afternoon. What a character and so hard working!

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STITCH trailer

STITCH by Martin Forsberg/Fors Works

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Apache Dance

Apache dance is this crazy ass dance style which is said to come from a Parisian street gang in the beginning of the 20th century. You can read more about it here. It´s great to see how it has evolved over time and ending up in Human sex by Lalala human steps. 

The first clip is taken from Charlie Chan in Paris, filmed in 1935. Second clip is from The Crazy gang from 1937 and the last one is the choreography Human Sex by Èdouard Lock for Lalala Human Steps. 

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A young Liza

An 18-year old Liza Minelli on her mother´s (Judy Garland) TV-show from 1963.

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Andycap is one my very talented brothers in the music biz. He just came out with a new EP called Natura (OnePush Recordings) and it will also be released on Beatport exclusive together with the track Voyage later this year. His next gigs are both in Stockholm, so you can catch him at either Lilla Hotellbaren the 11th of November or at Grand Central the 12th of November. For bookings please contact WMWL.

Listen to his latest tracks here: http://soundcloud.com/andycap and hook up with him here: http://www.facebook.com/andycapmusic


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