Comic Sans

Sorry for the lack of updates at this moment, I'm super buzy producing this fantastic dance performance with Fors Works!

Join us for a crazy night in Dansehallerne, Copenhagen. Tickets here!


Fors Works – along with an impressive Nordic power cast – call for a final showdown of the good, the bad and the ugly in dance.

Everyone’s a public arbiter of taste, reviewing food, film, and music. Yet when it comes to the “finer” art forms – like dance – we still leave it to the elite, to define what good taste is. And rarely is there a match between youtube hits and the art that finds its way to the most prominent dance stages. Why?

Comic Sans is a mission: To challenge the traditional ideals in contemporary dance.

Debating on dance – the audience holds the answers.

Concept & Choreography/ Martin Forsberg (S)

On stage / Ingrid Rosborg (S), Anni Kaila (FIN), Hilde Sandevold (N), Qarin Wikström (S),

Set & Costume design / Jenny Nordberg (S)

Dramaturgy / Elin Amundsen Grinaker (N)

Music /Qarin Wikström (S) 

Producer / Marie Schulz (S/DK)


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LUCKYBOYSUNDAY x Studio Arhoj event

Some pictures from yesterdays LUCKYBOYSUNDAY and Studio Arhoj press event at the new LBS hq in Copenhagen. It was great to see all the new LUCKYBOYSUNDAY products and I fell in love with their new LUCKY pillow (I need one in every color). Studio Arhoj also showcased the most delicious ceramic products for the home and I will start to follow them for sure. Studio Arhoj was originally founded in Tokyo, but is now based here in Copenhagen.  

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